Just seen the movie Frozen

I just got back from the movies. I went to watch the movie Frozen.

movie Frozen (2013) Poster, logo, banner, wallpaper

Here’s my thoughts on it:

My brother was laughing when he heard a talking snow man was in the movie, he found me crazy for watching this movie today. Then again he didn’t really know much about this movie. 

Just some pre-based opinion formed that people typically have of movies like this. Its childish, I’m to old for this, etc… 

Oh boy was he WRONG. 😄 He missed something. But then again maybe this movie ain’t for everybody? Some people just don’t like this sort of movies and I don’t really know why… Movies like this really cheer you up. 

I had decent expectations that it was going to be great but it really blew me over. It was better then I expected. 

I was also quite emotional at times, which I usually am not during watching movies. This movie really got me to the heart. 

10/10, the movie had it all. 

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