I’ve turned 21!

I don’t feel like someone who’s 21 though. I woke up today at 2PM, like one of the very few times I wake up that late. The issue is I had slept bad last night. Anyways I’m looking forward to today for some reasons:

  1. Movie time.
    1. Going to see the new hobbit movie in 3D!
  2. Cake time.
    1. Chocolate cake, my favorite!
  3. Favorite evening dinner.
    1. A indian dish I’m very found off.
  4. that’s it!
  5. you expecting I got many expectations for having a good day?
  6. I’m a simple man and don’t ask much.
    1. Although I am a man I’m often still called a boy.

Time goes by to fast really… Already 21! Oh boy so much I still want to do before growing older. The older you get, the faster time goes by. And it sure feels like it.

Thank you for reading,
good day,

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