School starts again tomorrow

Hey all, I’m writing this small blog post today to share my thoughts about the new school year.

Back To School poster, image,

Are you ready? I’m not!

Most people don’t look forward to the end of the holidays. I am one of those people. Holidays are great and I never feel like wanting to return to school. I’ve not done to much in these 2 past two weeks but relax and think alot about a conflict I’m having at school. I haven’t done alot of constructive stuff… Other then relaxing I haven’t put much effort into any of my webmaster projects.

My side-projects aren’t going so well either. The type of projects that I don’t own but am involved on in a major way. Somewhat like a co-partner function. I feel like I’m ignored by a guy who wants me to be involved in 1 of his projects but he’s so busy or just doesn’t make time to talk to me I feel like I’m kept in the dark, like what the hell am I even doing? How can I work on his project if the guy I depend on for me to work on it can’t talk to me? In general I’m doing ok. I had trouble sleeping though but in short the past 2 weeks have been fun. I turned 21 as well and hopefully I’m ready to face what is coming. I just wish those 2 weeks didn’t go by so fast and we had a longer holiday. But then again can’t live the good life forever right? Gotta face reality here.

Are you ready for school? If so why, if not how come?

I’m not. To much drama that is heading in my direction or not? We shall see what unfolds tomorrow and the days after.

Thank you for reading,
good day,

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