So it turns out global warming isn’t the main danger to our extinction

Hey all, figured I’d blog about something interesting that caught my attention. I wish to share with you a danger even greater then that of global warming.

Honeybee is extracting nectar

If there is no bee extracting the nectar from the many plants we use then we’ll be done for!

It is one you might be aware of or wouldn’t know about until now. Check the article out below for more info. What happened is very rare and may be one of the many reasons that the honeybees are declining.

Suspicious Virus Makes Rare Cross-Kingdom Leap From Plants to Honeybees.

Einstein said that without them we would go extinct in 1 generation. Which seems to be quite fast if you think about it. Anyways this is troublesome if this goes on at its current declining rate.

We need more honeybees.

Read the discussion about it on Reddit here.

And my own side-discussion here.

Some questions:

Do you believe we should be alarmed about this? Are we in danger for the recent future? Or is this something you’ll think will trouble us only in some 20 years or so?

Discuss below! 

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