24 returns with a new season!

24: Live Another Day

I found out yesterday evening that 24 will return with a spin-off series. I already knew they where making a movie but didn’t know any solid info about that… It seems they are going to focus first on making these series instead of making the movie. If the series become a success then they will surely make a movie.

There are some changes in this new series though.

  1. Not 24 episodes but 12.
  2. Many new characters such as:
    1. Steve Harris
    2. Kate Morgan
    3. etc….
  3. Returning characters are:
    1. Jack Bauer
    2. Chloe O’Brian
    3. Audrey Raines
    4. James Heller
  4. This spin-off series picks up 4 years after the events of the last season of 24.
  5. Will be filmed and take place in London.
  6. Will premiere on the 5th of May on Fox.

I really can’t wait for this! This sounds epic and I’m very pleased they are planning on doing this. I’m not sure however if this will be of the same quality as 24 or maybe even better?

Read more here: ’24: Live Another Day’: What To Expect From The Return of Jack Bauer | TIME.com

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