Episode 13 of Arrow, EPICCCC

I seen the 13th episode of Arrow yesterday and I really enjoyed it quite alot. I don’t get why some people say it sucked or it was to much drama and not enough action in it.

I think it was all perfect, to quote a review on this matter:

I am stunned. I just watched what can only be described as a near flawless 40 minute script.

Every aspect was spot on: The pacing, execution, dialog… all of it gelled. And for the first time, in my view, Laurel brought her character to life. Bravo to she and everyone in the cast. I’m still racing. The last time I experienced something like this was in the last season of “24,” and that’s saying a lot.

First, there were several revelations that created monumental shifts in character relationships. Second, the script pulled more from the characters than in any of the past episodes by forcing the leads to face themselves as human beings, as families, as flawed individuals with facades that, in some cases, were never destined to stand.

In the end, it’s what’s at the core that counts, and this episode brought that home.

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