I don’t need liars as friends

I hate liars. Yeah and I’m sure you do too. But we all lie to someone at some point and that is fine as long that isn’t a harmful lie but a innocent one.

Today I experienced a rather stupid situation… I met a girl on a chat site, she seemed nice and social but a little crazy too. 

I added her on Facebook but she seemed to have like a crush on me for no real reason. We didn’t know each other that well yet she treated me like we talked for weeks. She seemed too naive and trustful to strangers. I adviced her to look locally for a boyfriend (in Greece where she is from) and not international and to never let someone else use her for own benefit and don’t be to trustful of strangers too fast. Also when I told her we couldn’t be a couple because of our age differences and what not she freaked. She is 15 and I’m 21. 😄

We settled that yesterday with being just friends but that didn’t seem enough for her. Cause next thing I know today she removed me from her friend list. When I confronted her about it she claimed we are still friends and I still show up on her friendlist while this is clearly not the case. So I tried getting her to admit but she kept making up more lies on the go.  Eventually she blocked me cause she probably didn’t know what to say to my question.

Why did she act like this?

Was being friends not enough? Is she mentally ill? Is she to desperate to find a boyfriend? God knows… I’d say good riddance. I don’t need liars on my FB. =)

She was perhaps a bitch. That may solve my question.

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