Yesterday an important day, becoming a youtube partner seems real

Hey all, after quite some time here’s an other blog post about something personal and interesting. To be honest I had no hope to become a youtube partner until today when I saw my application which I send to 2 weeks ago got approved yesterday on Friday the 21th of February 2014.

Proof right here:

Youtube Application Approved

Here you can see my application has been approved.

I’ve tried before to join an other network but I got declined for:

  1. low viewership
  2. copyright issues
  3. strikes

So when I found out about I was a bit skeptic at first and until today assumed I was going to be rejected as well. Lucky me for it seems the opposite happened! I’m really happy because of this and becoming a youtube partner has been one of my many goals/dreams in life. In some weeks time I’ll be an official partner. I’m not a partner just yet. I’m still in the final part of the process.

Just a matter of time

Though rest assured I will be a partner. They already reviewed me its now just a matter of time and patience before I’m officially a youtube partner.

I still can’t believe

Could you? I mean if you look at my channel it is quite inactive. Even the site Social Blade gives me a D score. So I’m surprised I got accepted and very grateful for it. However I don’t know how this will impact my youtube activity. We’ll see what the future holds. The network I will be part of is still quite new and is still lacking in some crucial features.

Copyright? Confusing!

My main reason for inactivity is copyright. I still don’t get it when I’m in the clear or in the danger. its so confusing really. Whether or not you got the rights to record and upload something or if you need to ask permission or if if you put in the video description some info that its then alright to share it.

What do I want to upload?

Tv/movie fragments, music, video gaming footage. But once again copyright keeps me from doing so.

Thank you once again for reading and if you are looking to become a youtube partner then joining is your best bet in doing so.

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