Youtube stop being so money hungry

Youtube is money hungry

Youtube can’t get enough of it.

Why do you say Youtube is money hungry? 

Well for those of you who produce and upload youtube videos this may be a known issue for others it won’t. Youtube has many issues and is full of annoyances but one major flaw and issue is its automated system turning ads back on your video(s) you previously disabled to display ads. Some say it works to disable the ads once you do it 5 times after each other but I am not so sure. I’ve tried it 5 times now and it doesn’t work for me. My videos have all ads enabled even if the video in question is not fully made by myself.

It ain’t a bad thing now right to make money? 

Youtube is money hungry and probably has automated the ads to be turned on again behind your back to make more money. I’m not against making money but I don’t want to be sued for a video showing ads that has content that I didn’t make.

However Youtube has said they are working on fixing it. I’m not so sure they made it like this intentionally only to change it upon demand of its userbase or if its a real bug to be dealt with.

Then why not delete all videos you didn’t fully make?

Because I want to be able to upload fragments of movies and TV series and other things without the thought of getting sued crossing my mind and the constant fear it will eventually happen.

This rant in short:

If you are able to choose per video if you show ads or not and also what type of ads you can show… Is it not natural these settings stay as you put them and not reset to their defaults or be turned back on behind your back? Is money this important for youtube to make the system automate the turning on of ads if they are disabled? A bug and a mistake or a feature coded intentionally? I wouldn’t want to be the guys that get sued for a video that shows ads that shouldn’t.

My rant about youtube being money hungry

My rant of today regarding the flaw in youtube’s automated system.

/end rant of today

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