I gave 5 euros to a homeless guy today

Homeless Man with Golden Radio Voic

I don’t like putting an image up of a homeless man as that is not respectful but an image is a must.

Today I got into a situation I haven’t dealt with before, until now. I know this isn’t a wow wow situation or something special. For me it is however a unique experience. When I was finished working and going across the “groenplaats” in Antwerp, located in Belgium, a young man approached me. Who looked like a student somewhat and was of average height and didn’t look that bad as you expect for a guy who is homeless and poor. The man was looking/begging for 2,50 euros to use for food.

Do note he wasn’t being all drama queen on me and crying he was very relaxed and respectable towards me. My impression was not that one of a desperate poor beggar when he asked me for the money. He explained his situation and I was surprised from all the people around me he approached me. Maybe it was because I was walking alone and not in a group. When I asked him why of all people he asked me and not someone else he said it was purely random and a coincidence. I was a bit skeptical at first for giving this man what he asked but when I stopped and listened to what he had to say I changed my mind.

I mean this guy ain’t some scam artist. He knew what he was talking about and was pretty open and honest. He didn’t seem like a bad guy or someone who lost his mind. He looked pretty normal other then being quite skinny, looked somewhat dirty and a bit cloudy/flooting. Other then that he looked ok. He told me he hadn’t eaten for 2 days long and that people laughed at him and he had asked 4 people before me today for money and they all turned him down or ignored him.

I thought to myself: “That must suck being this guy.”. I had some idea he may be an alcoholic or a drug addict but then again that would be a cheap thought not to give this guy anything. So I gave him 5 euros and said:

Don’t use this money to buy some alcohol.

To which he replied he doesn’t drink and would spit it out if he drank alcohol. He was pretty sober and didn’t have the appearance of a guy who drinks alot.

This man also told me he once got 50 euros from some guy but that is rare. I think he was pleased with the 5 euros I gave him. I knew from the start it may not have been smart giving this man something that he may not use it for decent things but I think its not my job to judge.

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Homeless Jackpot Prank

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