Just finished re-watching the entire TV series 24

24 hours poster

Jack Bauer is really unstoppable!

24 hours/tv series

I’ve started re-watching the TV series 24 hours give or take 2 months ago. Don’t remember the exact date not that it matters anyway. I’ve just finished off the last episode of season 8 and man what a run! I had forgotten a good deal about all the details so re-watching this has actually been a great idea! Especially to prepare myself on the new 24 TV series live an other day.

I don’t know of any TV series that is as good as 24 hours when it comes down to none stop action, tension, cover ups, fighting, etc… 24 is a unique series spanning across 8 seasons that each have their own unique story to tell. It never got old for me what we seen and I liked the ending of the last episode of season 8.

Is the show perfect? NO. Is there anything like it? NO. So stop complaining and be happy whit what they made for us to see. Although Jack may seem invisible and abnormally smart and always getting to out smart others its a logic thing for the lead character to get through it all don’t you think? 😄

Some things could have been done better but overly looking back to those past weeks I re-watched from episode 1 of season 1 up till episode 24 of season 8 brought me to the edge of my chair many many times. More then with any other tv series I seen until now.

I will be looking quite forward to the new tv series and I hope it will live up to the reputation its predecessor has received in the course of the past years!

Finally here is a great fan made youtube video:

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