Back to school tomorrow after easter holidays!

Time goes by to fast for school has come again to my door. Let me start this blog post by sharing a quote of a very wise, now deceased man; Nelson Mandela:

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela

And now a quote of my own making:

School is not present for the needy for they cannot afford it. Instead its available to those who are not grateful for it and those who have easy gain to it. 

Back to school image, black board, back to school after easter

Going back to school after easter holidays.

I’m writing this during my last evening of FREEDOM and relaxation without any added pressure. Yes that is how chill my life is right now. 😄 I’ve been doing some intern work for two companies for a period of 3 weeks each and have enjoyed now the easter holidays which is a period of 2 weeks here. In that easter period I been on a city trip to Barcelona for 5 days.

Which I have enjoyed quite and now I’m charged up again to face school time. Not sure I’m going to get used to doing homework again. I felt good without it. Watching my brother and sister sweat on work given to do at home while I had none whatsoever. However that may change now.XD


Edited: my quote cause that second sentence after re-reading didn’t make sense. 😄


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