Sold two sites and 1 domain!!!

Sold two sites and 1 domain!

The 25th of April was a very special day for me because I managed to sell a site that I couldn’t find a buyer for. I just didn’t expect anyone to buy it for the price tag it had. So imagine my surprise when I see a bid that had the buy it now price. I was selling the site along with two domains that belong to the site. The main domain and an extra one.

It took a long time before the right buyer approached me and bought it from me. This buyer appeared to be interested in one of my other sites as well which I managed to sell just now today to the guy. =)

This guy is really awesome and chill and might be what my sites need. Who knows maybe in the future I will do business with him again.

For me it ain’t about the money. Its about those sites being put to use and doing better then during the time I owned them.

So yeah it was a long time ago I sold something. The last time I sold Community Forums. However this is the first time I used an online marketplace named Flippa.

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