Is it so hard to make a decent windows movie maker?

One of the many bugs we face daily when working with this crap!

Its free but needs bug fixing. Nothing ain’t good until its fixed for good.

It must be for our Windows devs cause the program is just crap. It looks nice and has the basic feature one needs for editing videos but the amount of bugs and freezes you get ain’t worth it now are they? Could they fix it please? Can’t even run your bloated software package for windows 7 with the gallery and windows movie maker package. Forced to use vista version 2.6 lol. fail

So please just fix it so I can enjoy editing my videos instead of watching the program freeze when I’m trying to do something.

I would use an other simplistic program but I don’t happen to know a good one. 😦

/end rant

Thank you windows if you even care…

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