Been to the musical 14-18 about WW1

Yesterday I’ve had the pleasure of going to my second musicial. The first one being about Adolf Daens

Video preview:


The Great War breaks out.

Under the Belgian soldiers mobilized, we find
bosom friends Jan, his younger brother Kamiel, his kin Fons and macho avant la lettre Albert.
Although everyone initially convinced that the fight will be short-lived conflict appears not only to last much longer, but also to be better than ever imagined. Ruthless
The horror increases. The war claims more and more victims.

Jan, who now became a father, would necessarily his son and his wife Anna show. Albert longs for his sweethearts, Kamiel-deathly afraid of any form of violence, desperately a way to escape the situation and Fons now has its eye on the handsome nurse Celine.
What follows is an epic struggle for survival.

An ultimate battle against the insane violence and against the war machine.
Whose main weapon humor, hope and above all love and unconditional friendship.

From the same creators:

My review:

I really enjoyed the show and that is why I bought the tickets to go and watch it. I’ve waited a long time but I knew these guys are going to make something worthwhile watching. So I had no doubt it was going to be good but not sure as good or even better then Daens the musical. To be honest I enjoyed Daens more then this one but that might just be my own personal preference.

Was worth it!

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