Watching Eurovision LIVE

I got a long time tradition of following eurovision. Not from the start till finish. No just to watch the finish. That being the semi-finals and the final. Not the crap that is all building up to that. No offense! Its okay you follow that too but I don’t. Maybe you find me lame for even following eurovision at all. But to be honest I don’t care you do. xd

Its a tradition to see it. And I don’t regret seeing the show for the years I have done so far.

This year ought to be a special one for a woman with a mustache is also present:

conchita wurst image

conchita wurst is probably gonna get the most attention in all of this!

Gotta respect people for who they are but this is gonna be a special ride. Just want to say one thing I know for sure. Russia ain’t get anywhere on the top of the list this year. Not with what they are pulling of in the Ukraine.

Will report back maybe when I finish watching this tomorrow.

I know Belgium won’t win or get in the finals but still the candidate we send is quite talented with a great voice!

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