Eurovision semi-finals part 1 report

I was pleasantly surprised from watching this year of Eurovision so far. There was an introduction of several new elements that the show had not used until now.

The russian twins

the russian twins

So it was not the same way as it was last year. However there are some things that do annoy me. We didn’t get through although we had an actor that had probably the most beautiful voice of all the singers in this semi-final. We lacked animation and some action in the song but that is I guess why we lost.

Also some crappy songs got through. Probably cause alot of people vote on their buddies without much thought if its really good or not. Anyways eurovision has shown this year it has some wortwhile artists that are worth seeing. Not the whole show is full of crappy songs. Some good ones in it too. Hopefully Russia won’t win although they did get through the semi-finals I hope they’ll loose.

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