I’m BACK from a 3 day school trip fellas!

My sea school trip of 2014

My sea school trip of 2014

So I was away for 3 days, starting from Monday till today on a school trip to the sea. We didn’t actually go into the water but merely stayed some miles offshore and did some typical group activities. It was enjoyable to some degree but I’m happy its over and I’m back home.

It was a while I went on a trip with school. I’ve always tried to avoid these cause I’m not fan of doing them. The last one was 5 days in the forest at some large villa and that was like 7 years ago I think. Thought its about time that the last school trip that is coming up I do in my life and don’t skip.

Also you know what they say about home:

Home Sweet Home.

These 3 days weren’t exactly productive in fact I lost quite track of what I was doing or needed to do at home. Even now I’m back writing this I’ve lost sight of things I need to be doing and don’t got that much time for anymore. 😄

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