Goodbye to the amazing video game Kanes Wrath!!!

Goodbye Kanes Wrath 😦

I have been an avid player since 2008, the year in which the game was released up till now in 2014. I’ve of course not played each day or even each month. I’ve had an interest in the game with ups and downs like with most things in life.

Why is this happening?

Because gamespy is shutting down, alot of other games are effected by this. Because they (EA) are hosting their online servers at gamespy with an software infrastructure that nobody can re-use for their own games. Many game developers hosted at gamespy.

At the end of this month, the 30th of June the online feature of the game will be shut down and you’ll no longer be able to play this game online with people from around the world.


Well no not really. There are alternative ways to play online but it will never be the same kind of experience you’ll have. It might get close but it will never be the same. Also the amount of players to find and play with will be decreased alot. It was slowly dying and this will be the fatal blow.

This sucks but I don’t care!

Well probably cause you don’t even know this game or ever played it for that matter. 😉

But just for talk sake let me get you into the bad mood I’m having with the thought of no longer being able to play this game.

Just imagine you are a gamer if you are not one already and have played one particular video game for a long time and really liked it and always went back to it cause it gave you that comfort of experience no other video game was able to do the same way. Stressful day lets play, want to feel better, lets play, and so on… The game didn’t ever get boring to me because I didn’t play it full time.

Goal: 1700 wins in 30 days!

I’m gonna set a goal to keep things tight and interesting. I’m gonna play minimum 1 game a day of this game starting today. My goal is to get from 1675 wins to 1700 wins before this game is shut down online.

Kanes wrath online stats of sgt walton

Here you can see my stats of 1675 wins and 1210 losses.

You think I can make it? Maybe you think this is to easy huh? Well for you I present:

Vote on what I should really do as a challenge!

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