MyBB 1.8 BETA 1 Released

I just found out about this lol!

MyBB Blog

That’s right. After a long time of waiting we’re getting near a 1.8 stable release. Today it’s with great pleasure that we’re releasing the first beta version of MyBB 1.8. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT READY TO BE USED ON A LIVE WEBSITE.

For some of you this may not mean much, for some others this may mean a lot. Quite a few things have been greatly enhanced and some important features have been added in this release.

Color legend:

  • Dark Blue – Small (new) feature/change
  • Light Blue – Enhancement
  • Orange – New Feature

We’re not mentioning bug fixes below (the same bug fixes applied to the 1.6 branch are also applied to 1.8 as of now and the bugs for 1.8 only are not mentioned as that would only be important if 1.8 was already stable.), only small feature changes, enhancements and entirely new features.


  • New theme

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