The Future of The ‘Avatar’ Franchise

Sounds awesome!



The original Avatar movie hit theatres in 2009 and was highly praised for it’s storytelling and visual effects. It is the highest grossing film of all time and it has a ‘total domestic lifetime gross’ of $760,507,625 (roughly $137 million more than The Avengers)

Many have been asking, “what happened to Avatar?”

Certainly with their great commercial success they would not be giving up on the franchise already. With the cost of creating the advanced 3d models alone, it would be worth it to make a sequel, as the cost would be greatly reduced from the cost of the original.


James Cameron has announced that, not only is he working on a sequel, he is working on a new trilogy that takes place after the original (making four movies total). This three part story will be filmed all together and released one year apart (similar to the way The Lord…

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