Came close to re-installing my Windows

Yesterday, actually the day before yesterday was perhaps the biggest turning point in my windows its life span. It could have ended with a complete re-install if things turned out in other ways then they have now.

Now you probably are thinking what is this fool talking about?

Black Screen of Death! I couldn't do anything but stare at the darkness and the abyss.

Black Screen of Death! I couldn’t do anything but stare at the darkness and the abyss.

I’ll start from the beginning.

On a Sunday morning I was instaling Macrium Reflect cause I was told it is a great program to backup your Windows with. You see I was trying to prevent or have a failsafe for when my Windows wouldn’t work anymore at any given time. Funny thing is doing that backup caused the whole mess but it was my own fault.

Why was it your fault? 

Well I like to multi-task. While the program was backing up my windows I was also doing other things. I was also trying to enable hibernate option next to shut down mode. I was switching between my admin and user account for the second time when it happened. Suddenlty I couldn’t do anything I was stuck in the switch account screen I think with a black screen and a mouse cursor and that was it!

So what did you do?

At first I’d let my pc on for some 2 hours hoping the backup was still running and finished successfully after the two hours I let my pc on. Cause when it happened my backup was 60% done so I figured it would be completed in 2 hours but I think the pc was just stuck and didn’t continue on the backup.

Then What?

Well I’ve read and tried alot of things and luckily I had a system repair disk of February and I also had a system image backup on an other drive + I had a few days ago taken a full backup on my new remote drive of 1 TB of my windows.

But all that had no effect or didn’t help me much in fixing my Windows. I finally used my windows install CD to repair stuff from there and through alot of error and trial was I able to  get system restore working on it after MANY tries. Because it didn’t show up at first, my windows copy, in the list of detected windows installations.

Then I had some issues but I finally managed to fix my Windows yesterday around noon. I was happy I didn’t choose to re-install because I came VERY close to that point of desperation.

Lesson to be learned?

Never try to do many things at the same time when doing a backup or other task that drains alot of memory and pc resources. Always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Never give up even when all hope seems lost. Never unless 100% necessary re-install Windows. Don’t panic and keep it cool and ask help on support forums of your product. Or browse the internet like I did and try many things out to see if that helps.

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