Why you happy bro?


Now in all seriousness:

Cause I finally managed to round up a deal I started some months ago. I’ve sold my site for a nice amount of money and I’m happy this deal went through an extra party.

Namely an escrow service which protects the buyer and seller from scam or theft. You might think its useless to have an extra party managing the deal but it is not.

It took very long but at the end I managed to give the site to someone who wants to use it and build it up again and I got some compensation for it too.


A win win for all parties. Though this deal was a test on my patience. Why?


100th post

This is also my 100th blog post. This must be a good sign right? I didn’t plan for this or wait to blog until I managed to get this deal done if you think that. No this was not thought of. It was random, bit of luck and faith I guess?

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