Gonna become a established member on Digital Point!

In 48 hours I’ll be finally a established member. They say it is easy to get, well no! It is not. I just got lucky today someone liked one of my posts. I don’t know why. However this has opened doors I am happy are finally open to me now. Or will be in 48 hours of me writing this.

Digital Point is though very strict and does apply some NAZI policies but I understand why they do it. They are a very big site full of low quality members that abuse all they can. DP has been decreasing in quality for a long time now and the only way to counter that decline is to enforce stricter rules.

That is how it is. Oh and btw if you wonder what the rules and perks are of this established member group go here: https://www.digitalpoint.com/help/established

Edit: It appears I’m not yet a established member. So close but alas not yet! Will maybe need 1 more like.

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