ClickBank steals your money, don’t trust Clickbank!

While I was planning on using them I changed my mind after reading an interesting article:

ClickBank REview – Why Clickbank may never pay you!

Now when you read it come back here and read part two under the read more below for my thoughts on the article.

The article reveals the truth that is shown but not looked at.

Now you probably wondering, what’s that fool talking about? Well most of the time when you sign up on a site do you read the TOS? (terms of service) or whatever policies are linked on the sign up page?

You don’t read them at all. So often enough companies like clickbank can get away with some of the biggest scam policies there are. But you got no legal rights against them. Because you signed up on their site to use their platform and agreeing to whatever is said on those policy pages. Giving you no power but to obey or leave.

I hope the article shows that ClickBank is not a good company. It is a bad one that you shouldn’t use.



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