One of the most stupid Youtube replies I got so far

this is my last comment here. and do you know why? not coz i am chickening out. but i was talking to this american friend (atheist) about the comments i get online and how i try to reply. he kinda opened my eyes. a guy who is sitting on the computer the whole time and getting his “facts” from online is one of the greatest douchebags one can find.

Want to know one paragraph of how I owned that comment?

So if I get my facts on what the weather will be like for tomorrow from the internet I’m one of the greatest doucebags? That is your logic, stupid. 🙂

I want to keep this short. As in not wasting time on justifying how silly he’s statement is.

It is your own responsibility and credibility on what you believe that you read on the internet to be true or false. Nothing is 100% correct and nothing is 100% false. Its all shades of grey but lets not FORGET or MISTAKE for one second that there are no facts found on the internet. 


What do I consider fact?

I consider it like Wikipedia. Verified by multiple sources and credited and linked to whatever material that is found to back it up.

What where you guys talking about?

Well this guy who happens to be a Muslim from Syria doesn’t think ISIS is evil or is finding it hard to believe they are evil.

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