My Occupation

Personal occupation:

  1. Student in my last year of school
    1. hopefully finding a job after school!
  2. Gamer
  3. Reader
  4. Watching movies/series
  5. Working in the garden
  6. hobby webmaster
  7. etc…

Staff occupations:

  1. Community Manager on Nuova Webs.
    1. Visit the forums here
    2. since the 18th of December 2013
  2. QA Staff MemberAzaStudios Forums.
    1. QA = Quality Assurance
    2. since the 23th of December 2013.
  3. Twitter page manager @ the web host FluidSea.
    1. since the 16th of January 2014. 
  4. A new payment site with a twist. **** (details coming soon)
  5. A new epic app with a website. **** (details coming soon)

Past staff occupations:

  1. Support Staff @ Premiere Host.
    1. since the 5th of October 2013 until the 11th of March 2014.
  2. Global Moderator @ Advertise Hotspot
  3. Co-admin of Promotion Zone.
  4. Global Moderator @ Admin Spot
  5. Global Moderator @ Hybrids Cloud
  6. Global Moderator @ Forum Owners
  7. Global Moderator @ Rotten Forums
  8. Gamer Cafe Admin
  9. Offwalk moderator.

Project occupations I’m a co-partner:

  1. A gaming site like
    1. Project is not being worked on atm.

Past Occupations:

  1. Founder of FreeMasons Forums.
    1. Was my first forum that I created on the 20th of November 2009.
      1. It was hosted on, a general discussion forum on phpBB.
  2. Founder of Command And Conquer4u.
    1. Was a Command and Conquer fan site. A forum on mybb with a custom theme.
  3. Global Moderator on Advertise Hotspot. For a full year.
  4. Co-admin for 6 months on Promotion Zone.
  5. Moderator on Hybrids Cloud for 4 months+.
  6. Moderator on Offwalk
  7. Moderator on Admin spot
  8. etc… I can’t remember all staff positions I done.

Need help?

I’m always eager to help out on promising projects and you can get in touch with me anytime to discuss a job position you think I would be suited for.

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